I Wish I was a Wiggle


I have spent five years at university as a graduate and post graduate. I’ve worked my ass of for years at work. I spend three hours a day commuting and I’ve just spent the best part of a £69 of my hard-earned cash on two tickets to see The Wiggles and a cheap plastic Emma Wiggle Doll.

I am sure that when they went to drama school that they had dreams of being in Hollywood stars, or being Shakespearian actors wowing the crowds. Unfortunately, something went wrong and now theses guys travel the world singing shit songs and behaving like dicks on the stage.

They are worth $20million each. $20 million for singing nursery rhymes and songs about fucking cold spaghetti.

I wish I was a Wiggle.

Who was Che Guevara?

Born:    14 June 1928, Rosario, Argentina

  • Marxist revolutionary
  • Radicalized poverty and hunger he saw whilst travelling through South America as a medical student
  • Blamed USA for capitalist exploitation of the continent
  • Travelled to Cuba with Fidel Castro to overthrow the US backed dictator and played a major part and became second in command
  • Travelled to other parts of the world with the aim of overthrowing capitalism
  • Caught and executed by firing squad in CIA backed Bolivian forces at the age of 39